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Fleas & Flea Control in Nairobi

Home Owners: Learn about fleas, and
safe and effective flea control methods
Fleas are obnoxious pests...
Fleas are a parasite which feed on the blood of warm blooded animals, including humans.
They pierce the skin, inject an anti-coagulant chemical into the host to prevent blood clotting and suck out the blood some passing straight through their rectum in order to lay their eggs.
A flea bite can cause acute irritation, infection and transfer of other parasites, such as, tapeworms.

Fleas often enter a building on dogs and cats, and are commonly deposited in carpeted areas, in the garden, yard and under the building.
Flea eggs can take several weeks to more than 12 months to hatch - generally during hot humid weather causing an instant infestation of plague proportions.
Pest Control for Fleas
It is essential for carpets to be thoroughly vacuumed especially in low traffic areas, under furniture, etc, before habitat areas are treated with a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide containing an insect growth regulator which inhibits development during the egg and larvae stage of their life cycle.
To help prevent reinfestation the home owner should regularly vacuum carpets and wash your pet (dogs and cats) with shampoo containing a flea control product.

Restrict access of your dog and/or cat, to internal and sub-floor areas particularly during the summer months.

What will it cost for professional pest control? For flea control in residential premises, the price varies depending on the size home, garden area and ease of access to various areas of the house, using the safer (more expensive) effective flea control products. Due to the likelihood of a reinfestation from insects carried in on your pets, a recurring service program may be advisable and more cost effective in the long run.

CONSUMER NOTE: cheaper prices for flea control abound in the market-place - usually from companies using the cheaper solvent based pesticides in and around the home - which are definitely NOT recommended, especially if residents have asthma or bronchial ailments. Service warranties vary depending upon the risk of reinfestation.

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The Right way to Keep Pest Outside

APC Adopt a consultative approach to customer needs, we propose solutions based on the situation at the local level rather than taking a "single solution suits all" approach. Commercial pest control is a science; we identify solutions based on our knowledge of insect and animal species, behavioural patterns, infestation rates, natural predators and likely recurrence levels. APC can offer Pest Control needs and tailored solutions across a wide range of sectors including: Food Production, Food Retail, Logistics and Transportation, Commercial, Leisure, Industrial, High Street Retail all within Nairobi and the neighboring Counties.

Creating a Healthier Home Environment Through Pest Control


The AE Sofa Cleaning Company has long been an advocate of preventive pest management. The idea behind this is to protect families from threats brought on by exposure to pests or the bacteria they carry. A recent study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology supports this approach.

The study – which followed 102 children with moderate to severe asthma living in greater New Orleans – found that by putting cockroach bait traps in the kitchen, living room and child’s bedroom every two to three months, the amount of pests was reduced significantly, and the children had almost 50 fewer days with asthma symptoms in a year.

Cockroach saliva and droppings, and the decomposing bodies of these pests, contain proteins known to trigger allergies and increase the severity of asthma symptoms, especially in children.

The study stated: “Cockroach exposure is an important contributor to asthma disparities.” For children living in the inner city, being exposed to cockroaches regularly can trigger their asthma and reduce their quality of life.

Children in homes being treated in the study had better health outcomes and, on average, they had 47 fewer days with asthma symptoms over the course of a year. Conversely, children with a cockroach allergy in untreated homes were significantly more likely to miss school and have unscheduled emergency department visits. To read the entire study results, visit

The Alpha Ecological Pest Control Company encourages homeowners to take proactive steps to prevent household cockroach infestations. To help keep these unwanted pests out of your family’s living space and keep your family healthy and safe, here are a few cockroach prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks around the outside of your home – e.g., along the foundation, around doors and windows and dryer vents – to deny cockroaches (and other pests) access
  • Vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture frequently to remove potential threats
  • Keep counters and floors clean and free of crumbs that can attract pests
  • Empty garbage cans regularly and dispose of the bags properly.
  • Remove sources of excess moisture in your home, like leaky faucets and pipes, which could attract cockroaches

If you have concerns over cockroaches or other pests that threaten your home, call or text  WE-NEED-YOU . or drop us an email at.

Until next time I’m the Alpha Ecological Pest Control, and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.


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