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Fleas & Flea Control in Nairobi

Home Owners: Learn about fleas, and
safe and effective flea control methods
Fleas are obnoxious pests...
Fleas are a parasite which feed on the blood of warm blooded animals, including humans.
They pierce the skin, inject an anti-coagulant chemical into the host to prevent blood clotting and suck out the blood some passing straight through their rectum in order to lay their eggs.
A flea bite can cause acute irritation, infection and transfer of other parasites, such as, tapeworms.

Fleas often enter a building on dogs and cats, and are commonly deposited in carpeted areas, in the garden, yard and under the building.
Flea eggs can take several weeks to more than 12 months to hatch - generally during hot humid weather causing an instant infestation of plague proportions.
Pest Control for Fleas
It is essential for carpets to be thoroughly vacuumed especially in low traffic areas, under furniture, etc, before habitat areas are treated with a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide containing an insect growth regulator which inhibits development during the egg and larvae stage of their life cycle.
To help prevent reinfestation the home owner should regularly vacuum carpets and wash your pet (dogs and cats) with shampoo containing a flea control product.

Restrict access of your dog and/or cat, to internal and sub-floor areas particularly during the summer months.

What will it cost for professional pest control? For flea control in residential premises, the price varies depending on the size home, garden area and ease of access to various areas of the house, using the safer (more expensive) effective flea control products. Due to the likelihood of a reinfestation from insects carried in on your pets, a recurring service program may be advisable and more cost effective in the long run.

CONSUMER NOTE: cheaper prices for flea control abound in the market-place - usually from companies using the cheaper solvent based pesticides in and around the home - which are definitely NOT recommended, especially if residents have asthma or bronchial ailments. Service warranties vary depending upon the risk of reinfestation.

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APC Adopt a consultative approach to customer needs, we propose solutions based on the situation at the local level rather than taking a "single solution suits all" approach. Commercial pest control is a science; we identify solutions based on our knowledge of insect and animal species, behavioural patterns, infestation rates, natural predators and likely recurrence levels. APC can offer Pest Control needs and tailored solutions across a wide range of sectors including: Food Production, Food Retail, Logistics and Transportation, Commercial, Leisure, Industrial, High Street Retail all within Nairobi and the neighboring Counties.

Bed Bug Steamer


Bed Bug Steamer
Steam from the MR-100 Primo Steamer

Using a bed bug steamer to kill bed bugs and get rid of bed bugs in your home is environmentally safe and highly effective.   Bed bugs cannot tolerate heat above 120 degrees, and a bed bug steamer will kill bed bugs on contact.  Even better, steam can penetrate into hard to reach areas and through the cloth wrappers of mattresses and box springs to kill bed bugs hiding inside as well.
While highly effective, steamers are not inexpensive, but certainly not near as expensive as bringing in a professional bed bug exterminator. Using a bed bug steamer is at the top of the list for do it yourself bed bug treatment options, it works and is safe.

Bed bug steamer – Advantages

The advantages of a bed bug steamer:

  • Environmentally friendly and “green” option for killing bed bugs
  • Steam penetrates and kills bed bugs you cannot see.  This includes bed bugs in cracks and crevices, inside of mattresses and box springs, through carpet, and in hard to access areas of your furniture.
  • Steam is a “touch less” method of killing bed bugs and will help keep from damaging your furniture.   Be aware though, that steam can remove varnish from furniture if you aren’t careful.
  • Steam allows you to treat your bed, bed sheets, curtains, carpet and other chemical absorbing items without having to use chemicals.
  • A bed bug steamer will not only kill bed bugs, but their eggs as well.
  • Steam is highly effective at killing bed bugs when used in conjunction with other treatment 

Bed bug streamer – Disadvantages

While using a bed bug steamer is a highly effective bed bug treatment strategy, there are some disadvantages you need to be aware of:

  • Not all steamers will work.   See our buying guide below for more details on how to select a bed bug streamer that will work.
  • Steam is hot – I know this seems obvious, but when using steam as a treatment method, you really have to careful.  Steam can cause serious burns, and can penetrate clothing and gloves.
  • A bed bug streamer should be used before using chemicals not after.   Steam can cause chemicals to vaporize and go airborne.  Airborne chemicals can pose significant risk to your health.   Always use chemicals or sprays after using steam.
  • Bed bug steamers must be used correctly. 
  • Don’t use steam on electrical outlets.   You can get shocked or damage your outlet causing a short that could result in a fire.

How to use a bed bug streamer correctly

There are tons of threads on internet forums where people are complaining about how using a bed bug streamer doesn’t work.  In almost all of these posts, the bed bug steamer didn’t work  because it wasn’t used correctly.
Here’s how to use a bed bug steamer to get rid of your bed bugs:

  1. Purchase a steamer.  Remember, not just any steamer will do.  You’ll need to purchase one that has the right attachments and produces a constant stream of steam that is hot enough to kill bed bugs.  Not all steamers do this.   In the buyer’s guide section below, we’ll tell you what you need to know, and even recommend a few of the top bed bug steamers.
  2. Pay attention to and follow the instructions included with the steamer.  Failure to do this can result in damaging the expensive steamer you just purchased, ruining your carpet and/or floor, or even worse severely burning yourself.   Steamers are safe if used properly.
  3. Begin steaming - Steam the floor, bed (mattress and box springs included), trim, walls, cracks and crevices, dressers, curtains and any other place you suspect bed bugs.  Making sure you cover all areas and that you don’t miss any.   Try to use a section method where you start at one corner and work your way in sections to the opposite corner.  Do not over steam and avoid getting the material “wet”.  Remember: do not steam electrical outlets!

If in a few days, you still see signs of bed bugs, steam again.   If you still see bed bugs after two steam treatments, you should steam one more time,    Remember though, do not steam again for while after using the chemical!  If you want to steam again, call the spray manufacturer and ask them how long you should wait before using the steamer again.
Removing bed bugs using any method, including steam often requires multiple treatments.  Don’t be discouraged if you have to steam a room 2-3 times to completely eliminate your bed bug infestation.  Multiple treatments is common.

Bed bug steamer buyer’s guide

There are a number of steamers available on the market, some far more effective at killing bed bugs than others.  To even further confuse matters, some steamers will claim they treat bed bugs, but really won’t.  Others won’t claim they treat bed bugs but do!   Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when selecting a bed bug streamer:


When using steam to kill bed bugs, you don’t want to be constantly having to refill it with water.  You’ll want a streamer that holds around 1.5 liters of water (around a half gallon).  This will give you about an hour of continuous steam.   Steamers that hold less and generally less expensive, but you’ll need to weigh out the cost difference vs the inconvenience and time required to steam an entire room having to refill it every 20 – 30 minutes.

Amount of water in the steam

To minimize the amount of water usage and reduce the risk of mold and mildew, you’ll want a “dry” streamer.  One that produces steam with about a 5% water by volume.  This will still effectively penetrate and kill bed bugs, but also allow the areas being treated to dry much faster, and significantly decrease the risk of mold and mildew.

Pressure adjustment

Effective bed bug streamers have a pressure adjustment.  This allows you to adjust the amount of pressure coming out of the tip of the steamer.  Pressure adjustment is important so that you can adjust the pressure to fit the surface or item being treated.  For example, couches, mattresses and pillows would require more pressure, while hard wood furniture, carpet and box springs, less pressure.
The risk of too much pressure is literally blowing the bed bugs around instead of killing them.   Too much pressure will not allow the heat from the steam to contact the bed bugs long enough before just blowing them around.   Many, so called bed bug streamers, don’t have a pressure adjustment are therefore are often ineffective.


The number of and types of attachments that come with the unit or that are available is important.  The attachments will allow you to most effective put the steam where the bed bugs are to kill them.  Important attachments include the clothes steamer attachment and jet tip attachment.
A clothes steamer attachment works great on sheets, curtains, mattresses and box springs.   A jet tip attachment is great for getting in corners, trim, and furniture.


Last, but certainly not least, is temperature – probably the single most important consideration.  If the steam temperature at the point at which the steam hits the bed bugs doesn’t exceed 120 degrees, the steam will not kill the bed bugs.  There are many steamers on the market, but the majority of them cannot produce continuous steam in excess of 120 degrees.    Many steamers will “burst” hot steam, but not produce it consistently.  The risk here is that you will miss areas between bursts.  Missing areas results in a bed bug infestation that remains.
You’ll want to purchase a steamer that produces at a bare minimum 120 degree temperatures at the tip of the attachment consistantly.  We recommend buying a steamer that exceeds 170 degrees the tip to be most effective.  The

Best Bed Bug Steamer

There are a number of steamers available on the market, but only a small number are effective at killing bed bugs.  Here are the best bed bug steamers using the criteria from our buyer’s guide:
 ed bugs.  Here are the best bed bug steamers using the criteria from our buyer’s guide:

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